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Cryptograpix is a digital machine that built by a group of graphics technologists to detect the auras of legendary creatures and then compress them into the blockchain universe.

Based on the data shown by the machine, the legendary creatures exist in multiple dimensions of the world. Our team is working hard to collect them. We know this is a tough mission, but someone’s gotta do it.

Cryptograpix Machine

Our NFT Technology

On Chain NFT

Our NFTs are On-Chain NFTs.

Different from others NFTs which store their image and metadata Off-Chain in some other data store (ie, Google Cloud, IPFS), our NFTS are written and stored completely in Ethereum blockchain.

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Legendary Pix12

The first 12 legendary creatures discovered by the Crytograpix machine.

These 12 legendary creatures were appointed by the Jade Emperor as guardians to guard the earth. Each legendary creature releases several different types of energy. These energies will bring associated power and luck to the owner of the NFT.

Our team has stored them in blockchain universe. Click to view and own them!

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